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Bid Readiness Workshop




We understand it can be very difficult for SME owners and managers to objectively assess their level of ‘bid readiness’ when seeking to work with the Public Sector.


In response to this, and on the back of more than 10 years’ experience working with SMEs bidding for work from the Public Sector, we have developed our Bid Readiness Workshop.


This half-day session is the starting point in helping you understand what barriers there may be to winning bids, and what action you may need to take to put your company in a stronger position before the crucial opportunity lands on your desk.


We structure the workshop around 5 key questions:


  • Which PUBLIC SECTOR bodies, organisations or departments are you keen to work with?

  • What INDUSTRY STANDARDS do you need to conform to?

  • What POLICIES AND PROCEDURES do you currently have in place?

  • What are the KEY GAPS in your policies, procedures, standards and accreditations?

  • What INTERNAL RESOURCES do you have to fill these gaps?



Following the half-day workshop with us, you will receive a concise summary of our findings including the next steps we feel are most suitable for you.


Examples of these next steps includes:

  • REQUIRED: An outline of the key policies, procedures and accreditations which are missing and which may affect your eligibility.

  • DESIRED: A list of the policies, procedures and accreditations which it would be beneficial to have in place, to ensure your competitivity.

  • UPDATES: A summary of areas where your documentation needs to be updated to meet industry and competition standards.

  • STRATEGY: An explanation of our approach to filling in the gaps we have identified.

  • OPPORTUNITIES: Finally, once your suite of documentation is up-to-date and fit for purpose, we can identify the most suitable live opportunities, and help you to win the contracts!


Keeping up to date with the bidding landscape, finding the right opportunities and knowing how to respond to a tender well are all vitally important. However, if your organisation is not in the right shape for winning the work, it could be wasted effort. Simply, we can help ensure you look as good on paper as you need to, whilst you focus on doing what you do best.



Our mission is to support small businesses in areas where they need real expertise and not a distraction from their day jobs. Our key areas of experience are in R&D grant funding and public sector bidding.




Our name means ‘morality’ and is important to us. We are guided by three key values which provide the foundation for our team and how we try to do things:


Integrity - complete integrity is at the heart of everything we do. This means acting honestly, fairly and genuinely with our clients, partners and colleagues.


Collaboration - true collaboration, working as one team, is the key to success. We see our clients as partners and collaborate to build long-term relationships.


Success - our success is closely tied in with that of our clients. We are therefore totally committed to doing everything in our power to see businesses grow and prosper.

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