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Moralitas Bid Team

At Moralitas Group, our vision and focus is to be a trusted partner for small businesses.


Moralitas Bid Team represents the consolidation of the ethos and track record of Apex Tenders, with the values and SME-focus of Moralitas Group.

Building upon our excellent track record of helping firms secure contracts from the UK Public Sector, Moralitas Bid Team exists to function as the outsourced, in-house bid team for our SME clients. For small businesses bidding for work the process can be incredibly costly and time-consuming, yet there is no silver medal. First place is all that matters!


Even if bidding for a place on a framework contract, where more than one supplier can be chosen, the volume of work you can expect to receive drops off dramatically outside of the top few spaces.


 Simply put then, scoring highly is all that matters. So, if you’d like to find out a bit more about us, our approach, our pricing, and how we think we can help – we’d love to talk to you and arrange a face-to-face with one of our bidding experts (no sales people here…)

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