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Our Bidding Process

Stage One: Research & Pitch

This stage exists to help frame your organisation's pitch for the contract. It is vital that each tender you compose has some 'hooks', off which you can hang your responses.


Accordingly, it’s important to understand who the buyer is, research what background procurement drivers might be at play and to work out what key messages you are going to communicate throughout your response, your 'Pitch'.


Stage Two: Structure & Integrate

The next stage is to provide a structure for each of the responses. The key thing here is breaking down the questions into component parts to ensure each aspect is covered off.


It is also vital to integrate your pitch into the structure, ensuring the research of stage 1 doesn't go to waste but is embedded within the text.


Stage Three: Gather & Write

Once you have a clear structure and guidelines to follow, you need to gather the information needed in order to populate the response template and write your narrative text responses.


The information gathering can be through telephone interviews, consulting policy and procedure documents and referring to case studies or existing material.


Stage Four: Review & Edit

Finally, your responses must be reviewed by someone not involved in writing them, to ensure all aspects are covered and your pitch is communicated clearly.


The reviewer's comments then go back to a writer for necessary edits and improvements to be made. 

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