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Company Policy Documents

Detailed, specific and bespoke policy documents are important when bidding for work from the public sector. Most tender response documents will at least ask to refer to policy documents, or more likely will ask to see them.


We have plenty of experience of writing detailed and bespoke policy documents for a wide range of businesses. We understand that while all companies need to meet similar criteria in terms of compliance, no two companies are the same in their internal processes of how they go about business. We also understand that for a lot of small businesses, documenting these processes is not as important as looking after your clients. So, we can do it for you! 



If you think you know what you need and would like to know more about how we can help, please get in touch.


If you’re not sure what policies you need, or whether you need any at all, our Bid Readiness Workshop may be just the answer for you… (with link). Best of all, we keep the cost of our workshop to a minimum and will always discount the amount from any future work we do for you.

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