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Concept Development Workshop




We know it can be very difficult for SME owners, innovators and creators to make truly objective assessments of their business, concept and stage of development.


In response to this and on the back of more than 10 years’ experience in the innovation industry, we have developed our Concept Development Workshop.


The workshop is the starting point on our pathway from creation to commercialisation, with the objective being to explore some key areas of your concept, business plan and approach to the market. We structure the workshop around 5 key questions:


• What is the NEED and the CHALLENGE you are aware of?

• What is the OPPORTUNITY and the MARKET you have identified?

• What is your proposed SOLUTION?

• Where is the INNOVATION or NOVELTY?

• What IMPACTS and BENEFITS will it bring?




Following a half day workshop with us, you will receive a concise concept note, summarising the ‘fundable profile’ we have developed with you and recommending the most suitable next steps. Examples of the next steps include:


  • Feasibility Funding – proving the feasibility of your concept by securing a small grant (€50k-£100k) to help you fill the gaps in your business plan.

  • R&D Funding – finalising your development towards commercialisation by securing a larger grant (typically €250k-£2.5m) for a 1-3 year project.

  • IP Audit – understanding your IP position, priorities and next steps by engaging IP experts.

  • Non-competitive funding options – maximising your income by minimising your corporation tax liability through R&D Tax Credits or Patent Box claims on eligible activity.

  • Further in-house developments – nothing yet! This isn’t the wrong answer as your stage of development may be such we can’t yet support you. If that’s the case, we’ll advise you honestly.



Our mission is to support small businesses in areas where they need real expertise and not a distraction from their day jobs. Our key areas of experience are in R&D grant funding and public sector bidding.




Our name means ‘morality’ and is important to us. We are guided by three key values which provide the foundation for our team and how we try to do things:


Integrity - complete integrity is at the heart of everything we do. This means acting honestly, fairly and genuinely with our clients, partners and colleagues.


Collaboration - true collaboration, working as one team, is the key to success. We see our clients as partners and collaborate to build long-term relationships.


Success - our success is closely tied in with that of our clients. We are therefore totally committed to doing everything in our power to see businesses grow and prosper.

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