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Special offer EMCC Members

At Moralitas we have made it our mission to support small businesses in areas where they need real expertise and input to achieve success, rather than a distraction from their day jobs.


We understand that when involved in bidding for public sector work, producing high-quality, compliant PQQs can be a time-consuming task.


We are therefore delighted to announce that we have an answer for you! As fellow members of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, we are running a special offer for EMCC members only of 50% off any Public Sector PQQ. 

In order to find out more or submit your PQQ documents for us to review, please provide your details below and we will contact you. Alternatively, please contact William Bell directly on 01572 868 500/

Terms and Conditions apply.

Fill In Your Information

Thanks for submitting your details. One of our experts will contact you in the next 24 hours.

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