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When writing a tender, teamwork is everything. If working on a bid for any length of time, you become immersed in the detail of what you are trying to put across. More importantly, your ability to distinguish between what is in your head and what's on the page becomes clouded. This happens to even the most experienced and skilled writers, and we call it becoming 'word blind'.

Therefore, evaluation only adds true value if carried out by someone not involved in writing the responses. This is why evaluations are carried out only by one of our two Bid Directors. Having remained detached from the detail of the writing process, our Bid Directors are able to see through even the most technical of responses and analyse the structure, content, persuasiveness and strategic direction of your responses. We even proof-read it for you, too.

The evaluation process is a strict and integral part of our own approach and as such our evaluation feedback will always be constructive and to the point. Our evaluators will be looking at some key areas of your response:

  1. Have you answered the question? Sounds simple, but it’s so easy to write an interesting and engaging response that answers the question you wish you'd been asked!

  2. Is it clearly structured? Public Sector evaluators have limited time to review your answers. A clear structure is vital to sign-post the information for them and demonstrate, even at a quick glance, that you've answered the question fully.

  3. Is it engaging, compelling, narrative text? A tender is effectively a sales pitch, so it must be engaging to read.

  4. Does it speak to any of the buyer's needs? An evaluator has so much to read and so little time that if you haven’t done your research into what they are looking for, and ensured you’ve responded in a meaningful way, you’re unlikely to get their attention.

  5. If we were the buyer, would we like to work with you? Like-ability and appearing as an organisation that cares is important. Our evaluators will try to get a feel for how you are coming across on the page.


Contact us or email if you'd like to speak to one of our Bid Team about how we can help.

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