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At Moralitas, we are passionate about supporting innovation and helping pioneering individuals and SMEs secure that all important funding that takes their innovative and disruptive ideas to the next stage. 


We are a team with extensive experience in the area of proposal writing, with experience that goes back to the EC's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), we work to find the most suitable source of funding for the SMEs we are working with.

So, if you have a novel concept or idea, or a business plan that needs some gaps filling, we can help you to identify appropriate routes for funding as well as prepare the full proposals and support the application and contracting processes.

Our comprehensive process is not only geared towards writing winning proposals but will also assist companies successfully introduce new concepts and products to the market. Our approach includes:

Concept Validation– testing the idea from different angles, thoroughly asking, 'how will this work?' and looking for the key 'hooks' for funding.

Funding Decision – we impartially analyse your concept and the potential market need for it. We then advise whether or not you are in a suitable position to be applying for funds, and if so what type of funding you should be applying for.

Logic Train - we work with you to articulate the logic train, that is the central argument for funding that will run through any proposal we write for you.

Proposal Writing - once we have tested your concept, decided which source of funding to target and clearly articulated the logic train, we then work with you to craft the narrative for your proposal and pull together the funding application.

Project Delivery & Management –  once funding has been secured, we can then work with you to successfully deliver your project and help you fulfil all reporting and project management requirements.

Innovation Consulting

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