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The Moralitas Bid Team

It all starts with the right people. For every bid we write, there are three key roles fulfilled:


Bid Directors: Jacob Wells & Adrian Willard


Each bid we write sits under the strategic direction of one of our Bid Directors, Jacob Wells or Adrian Willard. The Bid Director works with our client and Bid Coordinator to set the Bid Strategy, runs the kick-off process, prepares the template document and guidance for your submission and carries out a pre-submission evaluation of all responses.


Bid Coordinator: Ebe

Your main contact throughout the process of preparing your bid and the person you will speak to more than some members of your family during that time … Our Bid Coordinator is ultimately responsible for three things. Coordinating your bid, ensuring timescales are met and the process runs smoothly. Ensuring Compliance of your bid with all requirements of the Buyer and making sure we have all the Information we need from you to write the best bid possible.


Bid Writers: We have a team of six bid writers, who work closely with the Bid Coordinator to turn the strategy and information from our clients into a compelling, winning bid.

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