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Our Approach & Pricing

A mistake many companies make when responding to a PQQ/RFP/ITT, is launching straight into writing about all the great things your company does and telling the buyer all the things you want them to know about your company.


Whilst this may sound like a good place to start, our experience tells us this isn't the case. Instead, you must carefully consider what the buying authority might want to hear and construct your arguments around that, not around what you want to tell them.


Simply put, putting the time in to find out what the Buyer wants to hear, rather than what you want to tell them, can be the difference between winning and losing.


Think about it differently. If you were opening a restaurant in a new area, you'd do your research first to work out what the environmental was like and what people might be looking for, wouldn’t you? Why should bidding be any different?


Before we start writing then, we'll pull together a summary of what we know about the Buyer and any background procurement drivers at play. We'll then work with you to help you define the ways in which you can best respond to these key issues in order to demonstrate why you are the best choice for that particular Buying Authority.


Like the rest of the Moralitas Group, the Bid Team believe in some key values 



Other firms work off professional day rates, reflecting the experience and expertise of the team (and overheads). We understand this approach, but we also know that if you come second, you won't care too much about how nice our writing is, or how friendly we were to work with.

Because of this our pricing structure includes lower up-front fees, together with success fees if you win. This means our success really is tied in with yours. If you don't win, neither do we! 

In short from our methodologies to our pricing structure, our business only works if yours does too.

This also means you can rest assured of an honest, independent appraisal of your chances of success. We only back horses we’re confident can win.

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