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Our Story 

Moralitas Group was founded by our three directors Jacob, Neil and Adrian combining their unique industry experiences together under the same ambition of helping SMEs grow and develop their businesses.


After specialising in proposal, bid & tender writing for more than 10 years, Jacob saw the opportunity for creating a business that did more than simply write applications and hope to win funding for its clients. Jacob felt that creating long-term trust-based relationships was crucial in creating a successful and prosperous businesses and working relationships, a vision shared by Neil and Adrian.    


With integrity and sustainable success at its core, Moralitas Group was created to provide business owners with specialist services so that they could focus on doing what they do best.


Having invested in continual recruitment and training of graduates in Southern Africa, we have experienced success in writing R&D funding proposals and UK Public Sector tenders. We have also achieved continued employment and professional development opportunities in a hostile socio-economic environment.

The next step for the Moralitas team is to continue helping SMEs grow and prosper, through the expertise of our growing team.

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