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Meet the Management Team

Jacob Wells
Jacob Wells-Managing Director

Jacob holds ultimate responsibility for ensuring our clients are happy and all our bids are excellent. To do this, he takes a leading role in both account management and evaluation of all our bids. He has a wealth of experience in the sector and a commitment to excellence in all that we do.  He is a natural communicator with a passion for supporting company owners to help them grow their businesses and reach new possibilities.

Adrian Willard
Adrian Willard - Director

Adrian is responsible for marketing and brand development and is passionate about developing, mentoring and supporting aspiring individuals to unlock their potential. With over 40 years of leading small businesses both in the UK and overseas, Adrian brings a depth of experience in management, marketing and motivation methods to our team.  

Neil Kirk
Neil Kirk - Finance Director

As a qualified FCA Neil has worked in varying roles within finance sector for almost 20 years. At Moralitas he is responsible for our finances and brings valuable experience across different sectors to us and our clients.

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