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Innovation Funding

Success Story

Moralitas are delighted to announce that our client, Beaconsoft Limited have been awarded Innovate-UK grant funding of over £103,000 to help finalise the developments of their product and ultimately, bring their ground-breaking innovation to market.


The Beaconsoft Project

Meeting through a mutual business contact in 2017 the Beacon Team, led by Nigel Bridges, presented their revolutionary digital-ad counterfeiting prevention tool BeaconAD+ to us, with the intention of applying for grant funding to finalise development and take the innovation to market.


The novel innovation, BeaconAD+, is an AI-powered digital and social analytics tool that gives incredible social-post-level insights into the results of social media marketing activity. BeaconAD+ tracks website visitors from any individual social post, both paid and non-paid, across multiple social networks, giving accurate analytics and insights into a customers’ digital journey and the true value earned from the activities. The primary goal of BeaconAD+ is to improve the true value of social media marketing and the full online journey.


The Application Process

Whilst we were initially targeting Horizon 2020 Phase 1 funding for BeaconAD+, in the course of working closely with the Beacon team it became clear the integration of revolutionary Blockchain technology meant Innovate-UK funding was more suitable.  We therefore targeted the Innovate-UK Open Call.


On the first submission, Beacon received outstanding feedback from the assessors, but fell just short of being approved for funding. Addressing the assessor feedback, we improved and resubmitted the application to the November 2018 Open Call deadline. This time, it was successful! With our help, Beacon were ultimately awarded three times the grant initially sought from H2020.


However, the winning formula is not a one-sided effort. Nigel and his team collaborated brilliantly with the Moralitas team to ensure a successful application, answering tough, challenging questions, giving us access under the bonnet of their organisation and trusting our process throughout.


How Moralitas Can Help

With more than 10 years-experience in winning innovation funding, Moralitas know that it is often difficult for the originator or owner of a ground-breaking concept or unique development to see all the steps in the journey and secure the right funding at the right time.


Our mission is to support businesses in this position on the pathway from creation to commercialisation.

Concept Development Workshop

On the back of our work with clients just like Beacon, we have developed and launched our Concept Development Workshop. Simply, this half day workshop with our innovation experts will help to crystallise your stage of development, highlight next steps and assess your readiness for funding.

You can download one of our flyers at:

But if you’d like to know more, we’d love to hear from you:

Email:     //    Telephone: 01572 868 500

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