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Who We Are

We are an outsourcing firm that specialises in working with small businesses.


When we say in our strapline ‘outsourcing with integrity’, we mean just that. You outsource key functions of your business growth strategy to us. We use our specialist knowledge, expertise and focus to deliver an excellent service to you, with the Integrity that’s in our name.


In short, we do our day job, so you can focus on yours.


Our ultimate purpose is to provide our clients with the help and support they need to grow their business, regardless of the sector or industry they operate in. In this way we are agnostic to technology or sector, but experts in understanding what is required to secure the funding you need or win that all-important contract.


At Moralitas, we also recognise that no two businesses or projects are the same. Every project that we work on has its own unique challenges and opportunities, but our underlying approach and values are consistent across all we do.


Specifically, our team focusses on a small number of key areas:


  • Innovation

  • Bid Management



Click here to find out more about the different ways we can help your business.

Our Values

Collaboration, Client Success and Integrity. Our Values define us and everything we do

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